Charket Free v1.6 to Support WeChat Tag

WeChat recently introduced a new feature to support tagging WeChat followers into groups, and each group can have its own customized menu. This feature considerably improves WeChat follower management and makes it possible to show different marketing materials or deliver different levels of customer service to different groups of followers. After a month’s effort, this new feature is now being supported by v1.6 of our free Charket package. From within Salesforce, Charket customers can now create WeChat tags, assign tags to WeChat followers and link each tag with a customized WeChat menu.

Manage WeChat Tags

A WeChat follower in Salesforce can be a lead or a contact (or a person account for some companies). A Salesforce customer usually uses a custom field and list views to categorize leads and contacts. How can the business manage their WeChat followers in a similar way in order to conduct different sales, marketing and customer service strategies to different groups of WeChat audience? Here is how this can be done by using Charket. Once your Charket package is upgraded to the latest version, you will see a new related list called WeChat Tags from the detail page of each linked WeChat account. Follow the steps below to create new tags and assign them to WeChat followers.

  1. Click the New WeChat Tag button to create a new tag. Once a tag is created in Salesforce, it will be saved to WeChat servers automatically.
  2. Click the New WeChat Tag Assignments button from the tag detail page.
  3. Select WeChat followers to be tagged and click the Save button.
  4. Tags can also be assigned from the WeChat follower detail page. One follower can be assigned at most three tags.

Link A Tag With A Customized WeChat Menu

After a WeChat tag is created, it can be linked with a customized WeChat menu. WeChat followers under this tag will see the customized menu from their WeChat mobile app. This makes it possible to have different groups of WeChat followers see different menus, each of which delivers unique information or services to the related group of followers.

We hope you will enjoy using this new feature from the latest version of our Charket app.

Vicky Zhang

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