Charket v1.11 release notes

New in Charket 1.11

  • Added a new page for adding and synchronizing WeChat agents.
  • Support quick reply from the Live Chat window.
  • Support calculating each agent's max/average response times.
  • Support calculating each agent's chatting count and waiting count.
  • Added a new setting to specify an agent's default status when opening the Live Chat window.
  • Check agent status when sending messages in the Live Chat window.
  • Close an agent's chat sessions when the agent is changed to Inactive.
  • Improved page loading user experience.
  • Support message preview in the Message Library page.
  • Changed the order of displaying structured messages in the Message Library page.
  • Fixed an audio playback issue in the Message Library page.
  • Fixed a menu publishing bug.

Jair Zheng

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