Charket v1.9.0 release notes

Charket 1.9.0 comes with exciting new features that will not only help you in running innovative marketing campaigns with WeChat, also provide you more user friendly way to customize WeChat in Salesforce.

New in Charket 1.9.0:

  1. Added a VF page to customize WeChat menus in a more user friendly way.
  2. Added a WeChat message library VF page.
  3. Added the support to sync WeChat messages and WeChat agents to Salesforce.
  4. Support sending mass messages to a campaign in the Mess Message page.
  5. Support sending multi-media messages through the Live Chat window.
  6. Show three more WeChat follower events, Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Scan, in the Live Chat window.
  7. Improved Charket Settings page.
  8. Smart Reply was enhanced and enforced the limitation of 1,000 keywords per WeChat account.
  9. Improved the support of Chinese characters in Charket notifications.
  10. Automatically change an agent to offline after the Live Chat window is closed.
  11. Fixed a bug with loading old chat history in the Live Chat window.
  12. Fixed the Unread Message Count error in the Live Chat window.
  13. Fixed a scroll bar issue while creating a new case from the Live Chat window.
  14. Fixed a display error after all WeChat requests are completed in the Live Chat window.
  15. Fixed the WeChat follower last activity update issue.
  16. Fixed a display error with the search box in the Mass Message page.
  17. Fixed a notification issue with the Safari browser.

Install Charket in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Jair Zheng

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